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Hi Greg and Elody,
I just wanted to send you a note to say thanks. I researched and explored for 6 months all options available to me about upgrading the engine in my 2007 Common Rail 3.0Litre Nissan Patrol. I even explored the option of buying the new V8 petrol Patrol because I was disappointed in the lack of power the 3.0 litre had.

Geoff –  Perth

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My problem was that I had already added many accessories to the 3.0 Litre and spent more than I like to add up including a diesel chip, a 3” exhaust and larger intercooler. I had the car dyno tuned to get the maximum from it but was still only getting 125Kw at the back wheels and it was just not enough to pull my new camper trailer without the risk of overheating and causing a crash on the open highways.

I finally decided on a V8 Diesel conversion.
I read everything I could find on the internet and contacted everybody around the country who installed these engines to the Nissans including owners and former owners of the V8 Chev conversions. The one theme that came through all of my research was that Brunswick Diesels is the place to get the transplant done. I had my heart set on the Cobra P400 High Output and when I discovered that you had just taken delivery of your first set of P400 engines, I decided that I would be your first P400 conversion into the Patrol.

Everybody said you were passionate about what you do and after having experienced the passion from the entire team at Brunswick Diesels, I now understand and totally agree! The enthusiasm comes from the top down and has filtered down to all your staff. I have sat in your lunch room on a few occasions and spoken with most of your staff, they all take pride in what they do and love what they do so I immediately knew I had made the right decision on where to get the job done.

When I picked my car up from your workshop, after handing back the keys to your loan vehicle, I could not stop smiling from the moment I popped the hood. The big black shiny P400 looked like it had been installed at the Nissan factory. After having just come back from two long trips towing my fully loaded camper, I am still smiling! The power and torque of the P400 are massive and towing up a hill into the wind is now like a walk in the park, I can even overtake other vehicles and keep up with Toyota 200’s! The torque of the engine just pulls the load up the hills, no hunting for gears, no overheating problems with the massive new radiator and the turbo just whistles away at 8lbs.

I am so impressed with your service, the final job and the after sales service, I am very happy to talk to any of your potential customers about my experience with Brunswick Diesels. Please feel free to give my number to anybody who is considering the conversion and I will happily talk to them. Thank you again. Best wishes

Geoff Bird; Perth

Hi team at Brunswick,

Half way through a long trip.

Did the Great Central Road, a week on Dirk Hartog island and now in Broome – hence the sunset on Cable Beach.

Peter and Jan

Peter and Jan Testimonial  Engine Conversion-Great-Performer-Great-Central-Road

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Heading home to Melbourne Saturday via the Tanami Track and Alice Springs.

The truck is a fantastic tourer.

From towing our Tvan on all kinds of roads to sand and rock on the island – faultless performance.

Thank you for a great performer.

PS – love the exhaust note and people’s stares when we pull up to fill her up.


Peter and Jan

Email Received in May 18

Hi Greg and All at Brunswick Diesels

We have just arrived home after clocking up 6,792klm on the new motor, 1300 to 1400klm when not towing and the rest was towing a 2700KG caravan, the return was 16.5lts to100klm. 

Barry & Jean NSW

Albany Esprence- V8 Diesel Conversion-Van Albany Esprence- V8 Diesel Conversion Albany Esprence

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The torque of the V8 motor and fuel consumption is fantastic and no longer do I have to drive by the temperature gauge which makes driving so much more relaxing, it never went to over 180F.

It used 2 lts of oil so as it wears in hopefully it wont use any.

We have handed your card out to several people who were interested hope it brings some business your way, we know they will be very happy with the service as we were.

Again thank you for the excellent service.

Kind Regards

Barry & Jean


Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you, Scotty, Elody and your staff for the production of my 2005 Nissan Patrol. 



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My decision to purchase the Patrol with a 6.5 intercooled turbo Chevy (auto) was not an easy one. Firstly I am not a mechanic and given the rivalry between Nissan and Toyota in the 4WD category this was the first “hurdle” I had to jump. I of course did that in my own time and decided on the Patrol. Not owning a vehicle, the next hurdle was for me to decide whether to purchase a product directly from you, sight unseen. After many telephone conversations I decided to go ahead.

Each vehicle is built with the owners specific requirements in mind. For me these were at the “softer” end of the 4WD requirements as I/we have no plans for bush bashing or what would be considered by some as serious 4 wheel driving. Your guidance on suspension, diff ratio, air bags, fittings/extras and product appearance were greatly appreciated.

So, after many phone conversations and emails the vehicle was completed and still sight unseen, I decided to have the car transported from Brunswick to South East Qld. I did this with some anxiety! The vehicle arrived with 2 stone chips and a broken headlight cover. I collected the Patrol with a grin from ear to ear!

Although I have only done approximately 1,800 klms and am yet to try the towing performance, it would appear that the capacity of the vehicle should do exactly what it is designed to do. There are a couple of minor issues to be finalised and you have been extremely accommodating to resolve these. Your “after sales” service has been second to none.

In summary, I am extremely pleased with the end result. The business owner doing the Safety Certificate, the local Nissan dealer and my mates cannot believe how the engine fits into the engine bay. Many professionals who are in the trade, consider it has the appearance that it came straight from the factory.

Thank-you for your support and I/we wish you, your staff and the business every success for the future.




Hi Greg Sue Scotty ,Elody
Just about home 13000 ks . The motor never missed a beat 17 litres per 100.Average speed 98 ks you would have to be happy with that. Will catch up in a week or so.


Truck performance – AWESOME! 

Hello all at Brunswick Diesels,

We have decided to do some of the Holland Track on the way home.

Jan & Peter Qld

good old fashioned grunt

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All we need to say about the truck is awesome performance. No more revs just good old fashioned grunt.
Well done and thank you so much.

Jan & Peter


I would like to thank Greg and Sue, Elody, Scotty and all the crew at Brunswick Diesels for the transformation of my old HJ60. The Land cruiser is now fitted with a remanufactured 6.5 litre V8 diesel.

David – WA

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With the Chevy nestled neatly in the engine bay, it now feels like a totally different vehicle, and is a pleasure to drive.

The torque and smooth power delivery is simply amazing, and the sweet exhaust note and engine growl is music to the ears!

The steepest hills hardly put a dent in the revs, and the vehicle will now climb them in top gear!

Brunswick Diesels quality of work is first class, the staff are dedicated to their roles, and undertake the task with a huge amount of pride in their work. The customer’s vehicles benefit from these qualities.

I asked for some (what some may find trivial) alterations when my vehicle was being converted, the crew gladly fulfilled my requests, nothing was too much trouble.Thank you Brunswick Diesels

David Bell

To Elody, Linda, Greg, Scotty, the whole team at Brunswick.

12 months on from picking up our re-engineered Nissan Patrol, we could not be happier. The attention to engineering detail and refinement is better than factory. The vehicle is now everything a Patrol should be.

Rod and Lez Tasmania

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To Elody, Linda, Greg, Scotty, the whole team at Brunswick.

12 months on from picking up our re-engineered Nissan Patrol, we could not be happier. The attention to engineering detail and refinement is better than factory. The vehicle is now everything a Patrol should be.

The power train is smooth and responsive, the Brunswick designed and paired Chev 6.5 Intercooled Turbo system provides the perfect match of effortless cruising, towing, off-road climbing and crawling.

The big Chev is as the name suggests Optimising fuel efficiency whilst developing unbelievable grunt. No more waiting for a gun barrel section of road to pass a B-Double … an inch of loud pedal and it sprints like a Gazelle. Superb!!!

Our experience with the Team at Brunswick has been first class. Nothing is a bother. These Aussie experts are leaders in this specialist field. The whole experience from design, through, delivery and after … It is more than just buying an upgraded 4X4!!!
Thanks guys

Rod and Lez Tasmania

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